Tamagotchi is BACK!

For all you who remember the delightfully annoying, and yet strangly addictive, Tamagotchies they have made a comback! You can now raise, feed, clean, and take care of your very own on your android smartphone, and is availabe in the GooglePlay store! Now for those of you who remember, Tamas are very demanding and nothing changes in this new app, Tamagothci L.I.F.E. You are given the option to set up notifications on your android device, so that whenever your adorable little pain in the you know what needs something! Luckily, you can also turn that off unlike the original Tamas. However if you do this your poor baby might die, and then you have to start over from the beginning.

For those of you who never played Tamagotchi, it is a fun and interactive(though, on occasion, demanding and annoying) pet raising game. Love, play with, feed, clean,  and discipline your little Tama so that it grows up into a healthy adult Tama! Dont’t worry, your Tama needs sleep just like you, so you do get a break, unlike most new parents! The controls are easy to use, and you can unlock more skins, backgrounds, and Tamas the more Tamagotchies you raise. You can also connect it to your facebook!

It is a very fun and addictive game that brings back delightful memories of my Mother taking care of it while I was away at school. She, too, became addicted and actually ended up playing it more than me! So what is my star rating on this app, 5 being the best? I am going to give it ★★★★☆, 4 stars. It is just very successful game, when it comes to getting players to continue playing it, and with the few new additions make it just a little bit more fun, the creators have done a fantastic job on creating an addictive, successful, and easy to use game.  As always, love my Tama!

Tamagotchi L.I.F.E.:
Rating – ★★★★☆
Notes – Fun, easy, interactive.



Apperently on Monday someone hacked the emergency alert system in two places and people got a Zomboe warning!

Zombie Emergency Alert!!!

Read about it from the link above.

You have to love America….always preparing for the end.

Oh Facebook….

Facebook Crashes the Net?

Very interesting story about an interesting internet problem in which Facebook crashes many, many internet sites.

Also, I am currently linking stories through my Springpad. Its another app I am trying to learn and use, so please feel free to post and let me know if it is pain or if you mind it. I am always interestedin cunstructive criticisim.

And so it begins….

So, for along time now I have wanted to make and maintain a sucessful blog. I have tried a few times and for whatever reason never had the time or ambition to keep it maintained. Recentky I was able to purchase a new tablet that has opened up a lot of options and features that make staying connected and updated much easier and thus has led me to another try at managing a blog. Now, if it is sucessful or not is a different story. I ask that readers are patient as its still a learning process on all things regarding  using my tablet. From spelling errors to completely not understanding how to copy text with out ctrl+c (Oh! Thats what the S Pen is for!). So hang in there and enjoy and hopefully we can survive all the future errors!


– Arwen